The Crypt-Keeper is the main horror host of the Tales from the Crypt comics, movies, and shows.

There are several different versions of the Crypt-Keeper.

Comicbooks CKEdit


In the comicbooks, he wears a blue cloak/robe and has white hair. He is one of the three main GhouLunatics that host the horror comicbook titles. The comicbooks have him illustrated by Jack Davis most of the time, and in the second volume, CK is illustrated for (the most part) by Rick Parker.



HBO TalesFromTheCryptTVShow CryptKeeper

In the HBO TV show, and its' movie spinoffs, he is shown as an aging brown corpse with long grayish brown hair, though less hair than the original Crypt-Keeper. This is the version of the CK the mainstream public mainly recognizes.

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