EC Classics was a 12-issue series of magazine format EC title reprints published by Russ Cochran. Running from 1985 to 1989, it reprinted titles such as Tales from the Crypt, Two-Fisted Tales, and Crime SuspenStories, among others.

Issue ListEdit

  1. EC Classics: Tales from the Crypt (1985)
  2. EC Classics: Weird Science (1985)
  3. EC Classics: Two-Fisted Tales (1985)
  4. EC Classics: Shock SuspenStories (1985)
  5. EC Classics: Weird Fantasy (1986)
  6. EC Classics: Vault of Horror (1986)
  7. EC Classics: Weird Science-Fantasy (1986)
  8. EC Classics: Crime SuspenStories (1986)
  9. EC Classics: Haunt of Fear (1987)
  10. EC Classics: Panic (1987)
  11. EC Classics: Tales from the Crypt (1988)
  12. EC Classics: Weird Science (1989)
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