Appearing in "Raw Deal"Edit

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Synopsis for "Raw Deal"Edit

A man cannibalizes his new bride in order to survive being stranded at sea.

Appearing in "The Confidant"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Confidant"Edit

A mob beats to death a priest when the man refuses to betray the confession of a killer.

Appearing in "For Cryin' Out Loud!"Edit

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Synopsis for "For Cryin' Out Loud!"Edit

A man's conscience bothers him so much after he strangles a woman that he has an uncontrollable urge to confess the deed to anyone in earshot.

Appearing in "Well Trained"Edit

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Well Trained"Edit

A detective arrests the man burglar who murdered his wife when she surprised him and, after a brutal beating that hospitalizes him, continues to hound him in the hospital about the death he will receive in the electric chair. The man fixates on his vengeance to such a great deal that the killer flees the hospital and is struck by a subway car. The detective is tortured by the uncertainty of whether the killer burned by the third rail as he should have or if the train struck him first.


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