Appearing in "Forever Ambergris"Edit

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Synopsis for "Forever Ambergris"Edit

A sea captain murders a man for his wife by having him row out to a plague island where he contracts the disease. When he is rotting away they toss him overboard, but a whale swallows him and then vomits him up. The captain knows the spew is valuable for perfume so he collects it and presents it to the murdered man's wife where she dons it in the bathroom and opens the door to reveal her instantaneously rotting flesh.

Appearing in "Burial at Sea"Edit

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Synopsis for "Burial at Sea"Edit

A man kills an old man for 30 thirty gold coins and thinks that there must be more to the treasure when he finds a treasure map locating a spot just offshore under water. The old man claimed he had been 'prepared' for him and when he visits the location marked underwater he realizes the old man was right as it is a grave marker with his name on it that falls over on his diving suit keeping him pinned until he drowns.

Appearing in "The Proposal"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Proposal"Edit

A woman who uses men to stay surrounded by the finer things in life finally hears what she wants to hear "I want you for my wife." In this case, her intended sucker literally wants her for a meal to his undead blood-sucker wife.

Appearing in "The Sliceman Cometh"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Sliceman Cometh"Edit

Cover art relates to this story. An executioner during the Terror who takes money from a relative in order to guillotine his brother finds he has a difficult time in getting rid of the head. Eventually he becomes frustrated with his efforts to dispose of the ever-returning head and picks up a cleaver and minces it. That evening, he receives a visit from the corpse who wants its head back, and finding that not possible, rips the head from the executioner's shoulders to use in its place.


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The story "Forever Ambergris" was adapted for the fifth season of the Tales from the Crypt HBO series. The story's setting was altered for the adaptation, focusing on two combat photographers documenting a civil war in an unnamed Central American country. The older photographer tricks his younger, more talented protegé into entering an abandoned village where biological weapons were used, infecting him with a flesh-eating disease and killing him, allowing his mentor to steal the younger man's girlfriend and take credit for his photos. When he returns to the US, he and the woman have a romantic encounter, only for her to reveal the marijuana they had earlier smoked together was sent to her by her boyfriend from the plague village, infecting both of them with the disease.

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