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There was intended to be a third issue of Tales from the Crypt Vol 3 from Super Genius, but due to various issues and delays, the issue and series were cancelled before it could be finished/released. The release date before cancellation was intended to be July 5, 2017.

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Previews Catalog DescriptionEdit

A trio of terror-tales brought to you by the GhouLunatics - The Crypt-Keeper, The Old Witch, and The Vault-Keeper - begins with the story of Dexter, one of the greatest deal-makers ever on Wall Street. What's his dark secret? How did he become so obscenely wealthy? Simple! He just made a deal with the Devil. But rather than honor his original agreement, Dexter has begun to buy into his own publicity and believe that it was his street-smarts and brilliant mind that got him to where he is today. So he figures he can deal his way out of Hell. Do we really have to say any more? The other two stories are so scary, it's best we don't divulge their gruesome contents here either; you wouldn't be able to continue reading this creepy catalogue of ghastly comics!

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