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Published by Nostalgia Press in 1971 this book is known by two titles, due to being titled differently on the spine and the cover: "The EC Horror Library Of The 1950's" (spine) and "Horror Comics Of The 1950's" (cover). It was the first high quality collection of EC Comics material (previous reprintings included the Ballantine paperback collections of 1964-66 and an assortment of black and white fanzines of varying quality). "The EC Horror Library Of The 1950's" was edited by Ron Barlow and Bhob Stewart with introductions by Stewart ("Dark Pagentry") and fellow EC Fandom founder Larry Stark. Though often credited as being a reprinting of Stark's "Elegy" from EC fanzine HOOHAH! #6 (1956), his introduction is in fact original to this collection and is called "An Appreciation". The collection includes 5 unique Ghoulunatic pieces by artist Joe Orlando.

A second EC collection of Science Fiction material was planned but the death of publisher Woody Gelman put an end to the series.

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