Appearing in "Whirlpool"Edit

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Synopsis for "Whirlpool"Edit

A woman is stuck in a black void, seeing three familiar, monstrous heads asking who she is, why she is there, and when she got there. She escapes, undergoing numerous tortures, like being immersed in freezing and boiling water, electrical shocks, and being prodded with a pin. She goes down a hall with an orderly to three men, who tell her that these tortures are delusions, they were really shock treatments, like injections, shock therapy, and being in extreme heat waters. She doesn't believe them and goes on a violent rant, they ask her who she is, why she is there, and when she got there. They transform into the three horrible heads from earlier and the cycle starts all over.

Appearing in "Out of His Head!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Out of His Head!"Edit

As Stanley bent over the boiling pot of stew in the camp, Alex Melton crept up behind him with a meat cleaver and let him have it in the head! But Stanley just crouched, staring at the man who had just killed him before falling over. Now Alex left camp, knowing the rich mine was all his, and went back to his car, dumped all of his belongings into the river, certain to convince anyone coming upon Stanley's body back at camp thinking he'd been killed by a maniac. He slipped back into his apartment, unseen, and gazed out the window to see Stanley standing outside with the cleaver in his head.....he screamed, then the visage disappeared. A neighbor asked him if he was OK, and he said so and to bring him breakfast....then headed into his bedroom to dress in his pajamas, and only to see Stanley again. Refusing to look, he answered a knock at the door and breakfast arrived.....with Stanley standing behind his friend! Setting the meal down, the friend left....but everywhere Alex looked, his former law partner was still there. Unable to stand it any longer, Alex reached into a kitchen drawer and pulled out an icepick and jabbed it into both his eyes. His friend came in after hearing the screams and found Alex and took him to the doctor. Surgery was done, and when the bandages were removed later, Alex blurringly looked up to see the figure of someone bending over him....a figure with something gleaming on his head. Alex figured it was Stanley again and ran to the window and jumped out to his death. The doctor looked out the window....and all he could say was that the man must be mad!

Appearing in "An Ample Sample"Edit

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Synopsis for "An Ample Sample"Edit

Irwin slammed out of his house and ran next door to his neighbor Bert's home to return some tools he'd borrowed, and invited him to come over and see what he made. He said he'd be over the next day, but when he saw Irwin's sad demeanor, he said he'd go when the rain let up. As they sat talking, the conversation turned to Irwin's wife Hannah, and Irwin told the sad story of how they fell in love and how Hannah loved expensive chocolates so much. She got fatter as he had to do without vital necessities, and he just couldn't take it anymore. Irwin admitted to killing her and asked Bert to come over to his house. As they walked in, Bert gasped in horror as he spotted a giant, hand-made chocolate box, marked with different types of candy, and pieces of Hannah in each part!

Appearing in "Funeral Disease!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Funeral Disease!"Edit

Jasper crept away to his cottage on the Fairchild Estate and counted up the money he had been saving, a total of $4970, and knew as soon as Mr. Fairchild paid him the last $30 he owed him, he'd be set. Unfortunately, Niles Fairchild was bankrupt, and desperately needed $5000 to get him out of the trouble he was in. As he walked his estate, he looked in old Jasper's window and saw the money, and entered demanding that the caretaker loan him the funds. But Jasper refused, saying he was saving it for his funeral. Later, Niles came back w/his partner, Tom, and killed old Jasper and buried him in the servant's plot. That evening, Niles had a visitor....the corpse of Jasper, who killed him....Tom was arrested for the crime, unable to prove his innocence. As Fairchild lay in state that night, the corpse of Jasper returned and took the body out to the servant's plot and threw it in, then got into the coffin of Niles Fairchild and closed the lid. He finally got the type of funeral he wanted and felt he deserved!


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This cover was censored as being much too gory for readers, as it featured a meat cleaver stuck in the ghoul's head. The Gemstone reprinting displays the actual cover.

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