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Synopsis for "Space-Warp"Edit

A rocketship pilot leaves his fiancee for two years in space, but because of relativistic time dilation, it is thirty-two years later on Earth when he returns. He ends up marrying his dead fiancee's daughter.

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Synopsis for "And Then There Were Two!"Edit

Four uniformed soldiers arrive on an island assigned with clearing it of any inhabitants to allow the military use of it to test their hydrogen bomb. Upon exploring the island soldiers encounter two 'Iron Gods' that natives of the area have informed them about. Upon closer inspection the soldiers realize the 'Iron Gods' are, in reality, robots. After being attacked by the soldiers, one of the robots reveal that they are peaceful creatures, and begins to tell of their creator.

The robot explains that a man named Dimitri Volham came to the island man years ago to escape a 'rotting civilization.' Here he set up a laboratory and constructed the first robot, who aided Volham in constructing a second. After Volham died, the two robots used the remaining materials to build a third robot, the one speaking. The robot then explains that Volham had told them about the world, so after his passing, they decided to send one of themselves out to find civilization. This was met with tragedy, however, as shortly after its departure the robot radioed the others to inform them that it's ship was going down in a tropical storm, and was never heard from again. Shocked, the soldiers leave the island, and take the two robots with them back to the United States.

Upon returning to the U.S, the robots become sensations in the scientific community. They are put through several tests and show to be capable of doing anything a human can, while also being intellectually superior, which allows them to help bring an end to the Cold War. Soon the pubic receives news of the robots, and citizens and senators alike show strong disapproval towards them and their ideologies. Foreign nations believe the robots to be propaganda, while the scientific community urges the public to place its trust in them and their ideas.

Tensions reach a boiling point when the current president appoints the robots to an advisory capacity. The public is now clearly divided into pro-robot and anti-robot factions. A new election is held and the winner is one belonging to the anti-robot faction. The winner and their administration exile the robots back to their island, but the robots only express their sorrow for the fate of mankind.

Upon the exile of the robots, the Cold War resumes, and grows increasingly hot until it becomes a full fledged atomic war, resulting in massive casualties. Soon after the war nothing is left alive except the two robots in their exile on the island. They vow to create a new race, one of robots, and in time they assemble thousands which create sprawling cities. Soon the sheer amount of robots causes a debate between them on whether or not they should continue producing more robots or live with their current numbers.

The debate rages on until a group of robots investigating mineral deposits in Northern Canada discover a cabin with two humans living inside. The robots tell the humans of their plight, causing the robotic society to split into pro-human and anti-human factions. A robot asks the reader, if they were one of them, how would they vote?

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The cover of this issue references a story within titled "And Then There Were Two!'

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