Appearing in "The Gray Cloud of Death!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Gray Cloud of Death!"Edit

The second spacecraft to Venus comes across the derelict hulk of Venus-1 and the captain and a few crew cross over to explore the wreck. Inside they find skeletons and the body of one crewman in a sealed compartment who has starved to death. He has left a log of the details approaching the atmosphere of Venus a gray cloud detached itself and penetrated the ship. It was corrosive and dissolved the crew. He writes his dying words that he believes it to be the Venusian life form. The crew prepare to make their way back to Venus-2 when the captain sees the gray cloud moving across space towards the ship. The captain orders his first officer to abandon them to their fate and return to Earth. The men watch morbidly as the gray cloud makes its way towards them.

Appearing in "The Martian Monster"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Martian Monster"Edit

Two lovers get what's coming to them when the Martian monster that they've taken from a kid's story as an alibi for murder turns out to be real and devours them.

Appearing in "The Invaders"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Invaders"Edit

Refugees fleeing a losing struggle with a totalitarian regime are destroyed by U.S. fighter craft upon their arrival to Earth.

Appearing in "The Slave of Evil!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Slave of Evil!"Edit

A robot develops a conscience after its creators use him to commit evil acts and he slays them before he destroys himself to prevent himself from being abused again.


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